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Leyde, DGS, Senior Night, Conference, Sectionals

Dear Parents and Swimmers,


I will keep this short but I just wanted to get out a few reminders about the next few weeks. First, congratulations on a nice win last night over Leyden. They are an improved team to say the least and our girls did a nice job of picking up the pace after a sluggish first half to hold on to the victory. Specific kudos need to go out to Savannah Catalano, Isabelle Hernandez, and Isabella Devens for breaking :30 in the 50 free. Also Emily Christiansen dropped almost :20 seconds in her 500 which is just insane at this time of year.

As for tomorrow, we will be swimming at Downers Grove South High school at 5:00. We will be celebrating senior night at the meet and all parents/guardians of swimmers should be on deck prior to 5:00 in order to participate in the brief ceremony. Parents/guardians will escort their swimmers across the deck while I read a brief write up about each swimmer. After, we will have a brief moment for pictures while DGS has their ceremony.

Once we are done with the ceremonies the meet will begin with Diving, and then the rest of the events as normal. This is going to be a very competitive meet for us and we need as many people bringing energy as possible. Please be there, be loud, and help us compete to our full ability! This is an all hands on deck meet and all swimmers need to be focused and available to swim all events at all levels. Being the final dual meet it takes precedence over all other obligations.


First, there will be more information coming about a pasta party but the meet is set for 12:00 on Saturday 11/1 at Hinsdale South. We will meet as a team at 9:30 at WB to talk and prepare for the meet. We will then bus over and warm up. The meet will be loud and fun, but also long because of the three levels and the awards. Thus, everyone should be prepared for a great day.

With that said, the swimmers that are tapering for conference will see their practices become shorter and shorter beginning today. During this time their job is to rest and avoid any activity that is not inside the pool, including dryland both tomorrow and Saturday. They need to be resting up, getting lots of sleep, and eating right as they head into their final meet.


With the sectional roster set, all swimmers that are looking to purchase a technical suit need to provide me with the suit, size, type, and color by Monday 10/27 at the latest. If you need to get into The Swimmer’s Edge in Woodridge to get a size I would recommend getting there in the next few days. If you choose to buy a suit on your own that is fine but you will be charged taxed.

Other information about the sectional meet will be coming shortly. However, it should be noted that being on the sectional roster is a privilege and should be treated as such. It is in no way a right or expectation and any swimmers that do not take a sectional appointment seriously may lose races, or their place on the roster entirely.

Thank you all so much and I appreciate all of the support you have shown this team throughout the year.


Coach Anderson

 posted by: Paul Anderson on 10/22/14 1:03 PM
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Morton, ST. Charles North

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

I apologize for the delay in communication but it has been a very busy few days and time has slipped away a little bit. However, things are back to normal as we head towards the final few weeks of the dual meet season. To this point the girls have been swimming well and are ready for our meet at Morton West high school tonight. This meet should be a win on both levels with a chance to practice some of the small details we have been focusing on in practice. Also, it should provide a nice full team experience before we take a smaller roster to the St. Charles North, Northstar Invitational this weekend.

However, before moving forward it is important to look at some of the past success we had over the past week or so. While Thursday at Hinsdale South was a tough meet overall there were a few bright spots. The F/S squad was able to pull out a narrow 2 point victory and we also had some strong swims from underclassmen Catalano, Roucka, and Arnold. While Isabelle Hernandez did a great job of scoring in the diving portion of the meet. And while the score did not go the way we wanted, I believe that as a team we learned a lot and found ways to avoid a meet like that in the future.

On Saturday, we had a lot of fun at the Hersey Jamboree and scored well as a team overall and just missed 6th place by 2 points. For the most part our times were a little off but the pool conditions are closer to an outdoor wavepool than a competition setting. More analysis for the meet can be found at either or if you scroll through the pages. Also, a big thanks is in order for the Hill family hosting the girls on Saturday night for a team sleepover.

As for what is coming up there are a few things to mention. First, we will be at the St. Charles North Northstar Invite this Saturday. The meet starts at 10:00 and will likely be done around 1:30. This meet has some absolutely elite talent at it and should be a great measuring stick for our girls. This is a chance to race hard and push through our training to swim fast. The lineup will look somewhat similar to Evanston and all individuals that traveled to Evanston will be making this trip.

Second, all conference taper swimmers will begin taper in a few weeks and it is imperative that they make every practice and attend every morning practice. This is not a time to pull back in training.

Third, Thursday we will have practice from 9-11 at AT with a bus leaving from WB at 8:30 and then returning after practice. Girls should be in dryland apparel and ready to run. Friday we will be at centennial from 2:30-4:30 with a bus leaving WB at 2:00. All swimmers should be in attendance for both.

As always, please do not hesitate to ask any questions and GO AT-WB!


Coach Anderson

 posted by: Paul Anderson on 10/7/14 12:02 PM
Vernon Hills and York!

Greetings all ATWB swimmers and fans!

I just wanted to shoot out a brief note about the meet last night against Vernon Hills and Wheeling. It was great to earn a split on both levels against some quality swimmers in a great environment. I believe that as a team we learned a lot from the meet last night and have a number of things we can improve upon in practice as the season continues. Special recognition goes out to all of the swimmers that competed for the first time last night and to the swimmers that competed in “off events” in order to help the team score points. That said we did see that we are not as deep as we have been in years past and if you know of anyone at either school that is not currently on the team but should be please pass along their information or get in their ear.

I also wanted to recognize all of the parents and spectators that came out to support the team last night and hope that we will have even more fans going nuts for us this Tuesday at York. With that in mind, we are hoping to have an apparel link available to you in the next few days so that you can begin ordering t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. to wear during the course of the season.

Finally, I want to let you know that I will be posting information, links, documents, and results at the other ATWB swimming website that can be found here . Some of the documents may require a user account but that can be set up easily through the site. For instance there is a document attached to this email that hopefully will help the girls think about improving their swims. This will be a great way to chart your swimmer’s progress throughout the year and will also allow me an opportunity to get more information disseminated to you in a timely manner.

Thank you again for everything and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at either or at your convenience. You may also follow the team on twitter for updates, pics, and info at @atwbgsw or @atbwanderson throughout the season.

Thanks and GO ATWB!

Coach Anderson

 posted by: Paul Anderson on 9/4/14 8:16 AM
News about Chicago and Vernon Hills

Hello there everyone,

I just wanted to shoot out a brief email to give some information about a few schedule changes and also our annual dryland/bbq in Chicago. That said, I know there are a few people that are not on this email chain that need to be so please pass it along as you deem necessary. Second, you will likely get another email form the 8to18 site with the same information so feel free to disregard it.

1.) Our meet against Vernon Hills has been moved from 9/5 to 9/3 due to a few scheduling conflicts. Moving it to a Wednesday should make traffic easier and will help with breaking up our training week.

2.) Pictures will take place this Saturday at 11:00 at AT following our usual 8:00-10:00 morning practice. There will be showers available if the girls wish to clean up in order to get ready. We will be wearing our team shirts and black pants for the pictures. (shirts will be handed out tomorrow)

3.) The Chicago dryland/bbq will be a week from Saturday (9/30) and all information pertaining to the event should be on the following attachments. There will also be a googledoc sent out that will allow people to sign up to bring items.

Thanks and again, if you know of someone that should have received this please pass it on. Further, if you know of any individuals that are not currently on the team that you believe I should reach out to please make me aware of them.

Thanks and GO AT-WB!

 posted by: Paul Anderson on 8/21/14 9:36 AM
Fall Information

The attached document contains information regarding the beginning of the 2014 season and has the parental information form that each swimmer must fill out. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


Coach Anderson

(847) 312-1224

 posted by: Paul Anderson on 7/23/14 10:53 AM
Dryland Camp 2014

Attention all girls interested in swimming this fall. The summer Dryland Camp is less than two weeks away and anyone interested needs to sign up ASAP. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at Thanks and havea  great day.


​Coach Anderson

 posted by: Paul Anderson on 6/26/14 6:37 PM
Calendar for 2014 Fall Season

Attached below is the final calendar for the upcoming 2014 fall ATWB season. This should allow everyone time to plan, prepare, and get set for what promises to be a fantastic season. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns that may arise in the meantime. On another note, if you or your swimmer is interested in participating in the summer dryland camp, please contact either Donna O'neil and AT or Jan Kiefer at WB to sign up. Space is still available and every bit of extra training helps once August rolls around.

 posted by: Paul Anderson on 6/10/14 6:00 AM
2014 Season Calendar and 2013 Warmups

Hello ATWB swimmers, parents, and supporters,

I just wanted to take a moment to put out our season calendar for the 2014 swim season. Believe it or not the season is going to get here rapidly and it definitely promises to be a great one. There are a few dates and times that are TBD but for the most part this is what our season will look like. Please take a moment to go over it and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that may arise.

Second, anyone that is interested in the ATWB summer dryland camp needs to be sure to sign up with their respective athletic departments. Last year I really feel that it provided a leg up athletically and was also a great way to acclimate some of our incoming freshmen to the older swimmers. I encourage anyone that is going out for the team to consider the camp and if you know of any incoming freshmen that would may be interested please encourage them as well.

Finally, any swimmer that still has a warmup from the 2013 season needs to return it to either Coach Murphy or myself by Friday 5/23 or they will be charged for the suit in total. If you would like to purchase the warmup, the cost is $70 and must be purchased as a set. Checks can be made to Addison Trail High School.

Thank you again and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Coach Anderson


 post date: 5/16/14 1:58 PM

Girls Swimming Banquet

Greetings ATWB Parents, Swimmers, and Supporters,

I hope this email finds all of you well as we wrap up one holiday and head into the remainder of the holiday season. I am sorry for the delay of this email but we have been working out a few details regarding our end of the season banquet and we were waiting to hear from a few individuals before we could get all of the wheels in motion. Also, my schedule with the boys team and Coach Murphy's basketball schedule played somewhat of a role. Our banquet will follow the same basic format that it has in previous years in that we will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will have a chance to mingle, followed by a buffet style meal, a slideshow, and recognition of each of our athletes. This has always been a nice way to cap off the year and it allows all of the girls one last chance to celebrate their accomplishments with one another. That said, here are the details for this year's banquet.

When: Thursday 12/19 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Willowbrook High School - Room 2 (right inside of door 1)
What to Bring: A beverage or drink for yourself or to share
Cost: $12 per person, including swimmers.
RSVP: By Friday 12/13

As for the $12 for the buffet we are asking that all fees are paid by 12/13. Over the past few years the coaching staff has ordered too much food, too little food, and has been left paying for large portions of the banquet. We are not trying to be rude but we do request that you pay in advance. All WB swimmers can give money to Coach Murphy and all AT swimmers may pay myself. You may pay with cash but all checks should be made out to Tara Murphy. We will keep a list of those that have paid and RSVPed but only RSVP's with payment will count as final.

Again, this is a wonderful event every year and we very much hope that you and your swimmer can make it. Please email me with any questions you may have and do not hesitate to forward this on to anyone you believe may have been left off.


Coach Anderson

 post date: 12/4/13 7:57 AM

State Wrap Up

Congratulations again to AT-WB on the 18th in state finish! It was a team effort but the stand out performance of All-American Kelly McNamara is what allowed such a strong finish. It was a great year overall and more information regarding the team banquet will be coming out in the next week or so. We will be targeting the week of December 9th but have not set a date.

 post date: 11/27/13 9:07 AM

State Team Letter

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

                It is truly hard to believe that there are only two more days left until the biggest meet of the year. I cannot express how proud I am of all of the sectional swimmers for what they were able to do last Saturday whether it was getting a lifetime best or qualifying for the state meet. Saturday proved to me yet again why this sport is so electrifying, nerve-wracking, and overall empowering. Watching the girls accomplish such lofty goals was an amazing experience and one that I will savor for a long time to come. With that said, I also think it taught a great deal about how small mistakes can derail an entire season of work and that having the wrong mentality can keep individuals from performing in ways they are physical prepared to. Thus, please encourage your swimmers as much as possible. I believe that we will be one of the few teams that have two girls ready to hit their full drop in the 200 free relay and out other two girls will be able to hold for the most part based off of what we do. Also, I know that Kelly has a major drop coming with a stellar 100 Fly. There is no doubt that state is a stressful meet but with the right mental attitude and plan we can ensure two swims on Saturday. With that in mind here are a few bullets regarding the next few days.

  • First of all the girls are still on taper. They need to be getting as much rest as possible while eating right and taking care of themselves. Almost all of the girls are trying to extend a taper an extra week and in order to do this they need to make sure that they are being smart when it comes to rest/food/etc.
  • Practices for the rest of the week will be relatively short and the girls will likely be out of the water by 5:15 every night. That said, tonight we will be taking them for dinner post practice so they will get home around the usual time.
  • Every individual is entitled to 2 tickets to the state meet which are being paid for by the school. Tickets were picked up last night and will be given to the girls tonight. We do have extra tickets so if you need another for any reason please let me know.
  • Thursday night the girls will also need to reshave and pack for the meet on Friday. Things to bring are the following: Technical suit, team suit, caps, goggles, wamups, extra sweatshirt, extra t-shirt, extra shoes for on the pool deck, blanket/sleeping bag, something to read, music, food, something to drink, anything else you think you may need.
  • Friday morning we will begin to pick up the swimmers at 11:30 a.m. at WB. If an individual needs to be picked up for whatever reason please let us know and we can pick them up with the minibus. It is not a big deal but we were hoping to streamline the process like last year. Once we have picked up all swimmers we will go to Jewel to purchase supplies with money from the school.
  • After Jewel we will head to New Trier and will spend the remainder of the day preparing for the meet which begins at 3:30. After the meet swimmers may ride back on the bus or with their parents.
  • Parents, the spectator area opens at 8:00 and is a zoo as you most likely know. I suggest carpooling and sitting together since it is such a long day. Also remember that once you enter once you are not allowed to leave and reenter. For information pertaining to New Trier you can go to the IHSA website at
  • Cheer, go nuts, and root us on to come back for day two! New Trier is the perfect environment for such a crazy meet (aside from no cool down pool) and seeing a bunch of people in black, white, and neon will be just what we need.
  • If you have any questions on anything please call or email me at any time. Thank you for all of your support throughout this amazing season!

Coach Anderson

847 312-1224

 post date: 11/20/13 9:45 AM

Sectional Update

I just wanted to shoot out a quick note with some of the information that we were given last night at the seed meeting.

First and foremost our seeds look very solid. All three relays are seeded second in the meet and all of our swimmers are great positions where I believe they can be successful. It is definitely going to be an exciting day once we get rolling.

Second, the IHSA has pushed back the start of the quarter final football game to 3:00 which theoretically should make things somewhat better but realistically it likely will not matter a ton. The reason I say this is because tickets for the game go on sale at 1:00 so people will likely be lined up and tailgating long before that. We were told to pass along that you should try to park in the Main Street lot if you arrive early enough and if that is full to try to park on the streets around the school (excluding Prince Street). There are signs that say no parking but the police are going to waive those restrictions due to the likely large influx of people in the area on Saturday. If you do park in the Main Street lot there will be signs from the entrances on the east side of the building that will direct you to the pool.

There is no doubt that it will be a little nutty in and around the building but I know it will be a great day overall. Also, remember that we will be headed to Gatto's on S. Main Street after the meet to celebrate the accomplishments of such a great group of athletes.

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


 post date: 11/14/13 9:00 AM

Sectionals and Such

Welcome to the end! As hard as it is to believe we are at the Monday of Sectional week. With that in mind I want to get out some information regarding this week and all it entails. Please read on because there is some important info at the bottom.

First, the girls will hopefully be getting home a little earlier than normal as the week rolls along. Their practices will be somewhat shorter, but we will be focusing more and more on turns, technique, race pace, and intensity. They are likely going to be feeling a bit odd because their bodies are adjusting to the taper but being a little off is a good thing. They should also be sleeping as much as possible and need to be sure to eat a lot and remain hydrated. Also, if they have not tried on their technical suits I highly recommend doing that ASAP to make sure they are in proper working order. Finally, I have told them that their focus needs to be on swimming this week and social lives need to take a back seat. I know they are somewhat cranky with my decrees of what they can and can't do but hopefully we stay healthy and can come into Saturday with our hair on fire.

Second, I will find out our seeds and information on Wednesday when I go to DGN. I already know where we will be for a few of our races but some of our seeds may change depending on certain people switching to different events from other teams.There is definitely some talent in this sectional and we are going to need to put our best foot forward in order to compete at this level.

Third, our pasta party will be held at Megan Lobner's house on Thursday night after practice. Her address is Address: 207 Haddon Place, Addison
home phone: 630-560-9749, Lisa Knauf's cell: 630-347-6508

From Lisa:
"We live in the Friars Cove subdivision, a few blocks east of Addison Trail (Army Trail and Lombard Road). From Lombard Road, east on Army Trail to Kingston Drive, which is the second left after the staff parking lot, there are stone pillars at the entrance. Left on Kingston Drive past the tennis courts. Left at the stop sign and a quick left into the first cul de sac, our house is straight ahead." The girls that need rides back to WB can go in the minibus after the meal.

Fourth and most importantly is Saturday and all that goes into it. To begin, all swimmers will need to be at WB no later than 10:00 a.m. in order to prepare for the meet. They should all arrive with any food or beverages they want for the day (I will provide a gatorade tub of cytomax for the meet) and must have already completed their shave since no shaving is allowed at the sectional venue. At 11:00 we will head out to DGN. The doors open for swimmers at 11:30 and we will spend the time up until the meet stretching, warming up, and taking care of any other preparations. At noon the doors to the seating area open up to the public in advance of the 1:00 start time.

However, here is where things get interesting. DGN is likely to be a zoo on Saturday because not only are they hosting our sectional, but they are hosting a home football game against Mount Carmel that also begins at 1:00. I have already sent out emails with the coach from DGN and she has assured me that the swimmers will be taken care of and will have a place to park but for spectators it may be another animal all together. I have been told that we will get more information at the meeting on Wednesday but what that means I really don't know. I would just say to anticipate it being a mess and a traffic nightmare near the school. Please add extra time to your preparation and if you arrive before other parents please try to hold spots and/or seats. I will be sure to pass along anything else I hear in the next few days but I just wanted to let you know as soon as possible.

At the meet I know all of you will be going crazy to support and encourage our outstanding athletes. We are as usual aiming for 100% lifetime best swims and I see no reason why that will not be the case. On top of that we are looking to send some of our seniors out with a bang and if all goes well qualify between 6-7 events for the IHSA state meet. It is going to be all kinds of fun and I cannot wait to start racing.

Lastly, after the meet we will be heading south on Main Street to a restaurant called Gatto's in Downers Grove for a celebratory dinner  . Gatto's has been great to us in the past and this year they are giving us a package for $10 which includes pasta, chicken, salad, bread, beverages, and gratuity. How they are making any money on this is lost on me but it is a great deal. All are welcome and it should be a great way to unwind. After dinner we will head back to WB fat and happy from a great day.

I know this has been long but I hope I answered any questions that you may have had about the week leading up to, and ultimately race day. Please let me know if there is anything you are unsure of or if anything arises along the way. Thank you again for all of your incredible support, we truly have the best fans and parents in the state.


Paul R. Anderson

 post date: 11/11/13 1:15 PM

Conference Wrap Up and Pre-Sectional Information

Dear Parents and other supporters,

Let me begin by saying thank you, thank you, thank you! It was clear by looking up in the stands from the pool deck that we had the most, the loudest, and the craziest fans in attendance on Saturday at DGS. The support from all of you went a long way in allowing the girls to be as successful in the pool at all three levels. Saturday's meet and all that went into it was a commentary on how far we have come as a team and how bright the future is for AT-WB. For those swimmers that are done for the season all I can say is congratulations and I hope you had a great experience this season. For those that are gearing up for sectionals there is still a lot of work to do.

First, for those that are done for the season we will have our team banquet at some point in early December where we will celebrate all of the accomplishments that took place throughout the year. More information about this will come out as we get closer to the date. Second, if you are interested in continuing swimming throughout the winter and spring there are a number of clubs that you can join. A few examples are the following:


All of these are great options if you and/or your daughter are interested.

As for those that are not done for the season there are a few things to know. First, practice will be close to the normal time all week long. The real drops in time and yardage will not occur until next Monday. Second, there will be practice at Centennial Saturday morning from 8-9:30 followed by a film session and breakfast at AT. Third the pasta party for the sectional team will be Thursday at Megan Lobner's house immediately after practice. Any other news that comes up will be relayed as necessary.

Please remember that these next two weeks are of the utmost importance and staying healthy and rested are the keys to taper. Please encourage your swimmer to sleep as much as possible and keep physical activity limited as much as possible. Of course this means within reason, saying they cannot take out the trash or walk the dog because of taper is not a valid excuse in my world. However, anything strenuous or taxing should be avoided as much as possible and they need to eat as healthy as possible.

Lastly, I have included a link to a Ted Talk that I found to be really enjoyable and interesting. I would suggest encouraging your swimmer to watch it or possibly watching it with them. It is especially poignant as we get closer to what can be a nerve wracking period of the season.

Again, Thank you for all that you have done throughout the year and please continue to support this special group of girls.


Paul R. Anderson

 post date: 11/5/13 2:05 PM

Conference Champs!

Congratulations to all 3 levels of the AT-WB Girls Swim Team for winning the WSC Gold! Today was a great meet to cap off a great conference season. Nice work ladies!

 post date: 11/2/13 7:46 PM

10/23 Update


Hello Parents and Fans,
I just wanted to send out one last reminder about Senior Night tomorrow at Downers Grove South High School. We will promptly begin our portion of the Senior Night at 5:00 and will be followed by DGS, diving, and then the beginning of the meet. If all senior parents would please come down on the deck around 4:55 it would be appreciated. This is always a great night of recognition for our girls and I am excited for tomorrow to be more of the same. That said, DGS has been great to allow us to do this the past few years and I ask that we are just as proud and respectful of their girls as they are of ours. Thank you in advance for a great showing on a great night.
Also, as we wind down towards Conference next weekend let me just give out a little information regarding the next few practices. During this time we will be focusing more on technique, turns, and execution. This is a shift from the intensity and yard driven practices that the girls have been participating in throughout the season. As the taper girls get closer and closer to their taper meet their practices are going to get shorter due to our desire to allow them to rest and recover while working on the above skills. That said, the swimmers that are not tapering will continue to swim until 6:15 every night so the taper swimmers are encouraged to bring homework or something to work on with their extra time.
Lastly, our conference pasta party will be next Thursday in the Blazer Room at Addison Trail. Lisa Morrone has been kind enough to spearhead this for us and has sent out a list of things we need for the dinner. If you have not gotten an email or call about the party and are looking for information please let me know and I can help.
Thank you all so much and GO AT-WB!

Coach Anderson

Paul R. Anderson

 post date: 10/23/13 1:21 PM

Weekly Update 10/15
Dear Parents and Fans,
It is hard to believe that I am writing this, but welcome to the home stretch of the season. While in many ways it feels as if we have just gotten in stride we are only 18 days away from our conference meet at DGS. While that is incredibly exciting in some respects it also means that there is a great deal that is about to get going. I will try to itemize things in the following message so as to keep brief and answer any questions that may come along.
First, we have our second to last dual meet of the season this Thursday at West Leyden High School at 5:00. This is a meet we should win and it should go a long way towards solidifying Conference and Sectional rosters. It will likely be Leyden's senior night so it may be a little longer than normal but there is no diving at this meet so at least it should run quickly.
Second, we have the Titan Relays this Saturday at 12:00 at Glenbrook South High School (4000 W Lake). This is a really fun meet at a great facility, against some great competition. We will be taking a few F/S members to this meet and I hope to have the lineup finalized by tomorrow. Those swimming at this meet also have one last opportunity to make a case for an event or two on the Conference and Sectional rosters.
The reason that I keep mentioning these rosters is because those swimmers that are going to be tapering for Conference will begin doing so next week. This will likely be everyone aside from 12-16 members of the varsity team. While I wish we could take every swimmer to Sectionals we are severely limited in that we are only allowed to enter one relay and two individuals per event and there are no longer F/S or J/V levels. That said, it is important to remember that not making a Sectional roster is not a reflection on the hard work that has been put in over the course of the season, but is a reflection of overall time and point scoring ability at the Sectional and State meets. For those tapering for Conference I will get into what to expect from a next week but for now I just wanted to explain my thought process regarding choosing the roster.

Next, it is important to remind everyone that DGS has been kind enough to let us celebrate senior night at their pool on 10/24. We will precede their ceremony and if you are the parent of a senior I would ask that you do your best to arrive prior to 5:00 so that you can escort your swimmer across the deck. We do have some surprises in store for the seniors and hope that you can be a part of this special night.

With all of that said let me shift gears to a few things more closely related to what is going on in the water. At this time your swimmer should be completely exhausted. Between morning practices, heavy yardage loads, difficult sets, and everything else going on in their lives they should be drained. Because of this it is more important than ever that they are getting enough sleep, dressing warm, and are eating right. With most of the girls only days away from taper and the rest only weeks away health is important. We cannot afford to miss more time for extended illness. It would be a shame to watch so much hard work disappear because an illness or just being exhausted got in the way of a solid taper.
Also directly related to in the water performance is the idea of goals. I would ask you to reach out to your swimmer and ask them what their goals are as the end of the year approaches. Is there a time they are shooting for,roster to make, meet to attend, place to finish that they have on their mind. Hopefully they are thinking of these things and are not just thinking of them as ideas, but are thinking of what they can do over the next few weeks to achieve them. Ask them about how they can drop x amount of time, and how they will accomplish it. Hopefully they have a thoughtful answer to your questions.
Lastly, in regards to in water performance, I am asking for your help. As you know these are high school girls and small things can create big meltdowns or cause big distractions. While there is no doubt that this has been the best season our team has had we still have a long way to go and to this point have yet to accomplish any of our end goals. Please help me to minimize distractions that could have a negative impact whether that is watching and being intimidated by other times across the state, worrying about recognition, comparing themselves to other teammates or swimmers, doubting their ability, or listening too much to the wrong person. The way this season is going to play out for these 40 superhuman young women is going to be because of the hard work that they have put in thus far and the work that they still have to do. I could not be prouder of these girls and I cannot wait to see how it all comes together at the end. If you see anything that you believe may be hindering please help put an end to it.
Finally, I have been scanning results and practices from years past and have created a little database on of all sorts of information. If you are curious as to what a day in the life of the girls is like you can catch a glimpse there. You can also see how the times have moved, dropped, and evolved over the years. I do not have every year up as of yet but I will get there in the next few weeks. Also I have been putting together a list of our records, all-state, and all-conference selections. It is a work in process but if you look at the attachment you can at least get a snapshot.
Sorry again for being long winded and thank you all again for all you do,

Paul R. Anderson

 post date: 10/15/13 2:15 PM

Article about St. Charles North Invitational

The following link has information regarding the St. Charles North invitational from the past weekend. They reference the meet in general and also have...   more

 post date: 10/15/13 9:24 AM

Suburban Life Article

The following link connects to an article abou us from My Suburban Life that was published on Friday.

Just a little recognition for the great work we are doing to this point in the season.

 post date: 10/7/13 7:44 AM

York Invite Film

Videos from the York Invite are up at in HD. Take a look for great reference points and to look for ways to improve.

 post date: 10/1/13 10:00 AM

9/30 Email


Dear Parents, swimmers, and fans,
Welcome to rivalry week! As many of you know, this is a week that is always circled on the calendar from the beginning of the season and it is exciting that it is finally here. This Thursday we will be taking on Hinsdale South at 5:00 in a meet that will likely decide the conference champion for the 4th year in a row. Over the past few years whomever has won this meet has at least shared a piece of the WSC gold championship and this year looks to be no different. With that in mind I ask that you all please try to find a way to come out and support all of the hard work that the girls have been putting forward. I would love nothing more than seeing their stands filled with a rambunctious group of ATWB fans decked out in black and neon. This meet is always tense and exciting and any support always helps.
With that said I also wanted to recognize some fantastic swims that we saw over the past two meets at Naperville North and York. At NN we saw a number of graet swims on the JV level including Brianna Madden's 200 free, the fantastic JV 200 free relay, and Kathrin Dina's 100 Fly. On the varsity level we fell to NN by only 30 points without diving and were able to win 5 of 11 events against a team that took 12th in the state last year. Individual standouts were Molly Kuenstler who won 4 events on the night and Kelly McNamara that was .41 away from the school record in the 200 IM. All in all it was a great meet where we were able to show a great deal of toughness.
Saturday at York we took 4th out of 9 as a team behind St. Ignatius, York and Deerfield. However we only lost to Deerfield by 12.5 points and they scored a total of 29 points in the diving. Highlights of the meet were season best times from Maggie Czachor, Kelly McNamara, Emily Christiansen, Melissa Johnston, Meghan Koterba, and the 200 and 400 free relays, as well as a lifetime best from Annalise Morrone in the 100 breaststroke. The meet proved to be a great showcase for us as we competed tough against St. Ignatius (8th in state last season) and the rest of a loaded field. Full events for both meets from last week are attached to this email.
Next, I just want to remind everyone about the swim-a-thon fundraiser that is taking place this Friday. All forms for the event are posted on the team website and if there are any questions please let me know. Further, any checks after the event can be made out to ATHS.
Lastly, I just want to send out a reminder about health and nutrition. I am sure I sound like a broken record but it is imperative that the girls are dressing appropriately for the weather and are taking care of themselves. They need to cut sugary and fatty foods from their diet if possible and should be consuming lots of water along with lean protein and carbohydrates. Chicken breasts, egs, pasta, and vegetables should be staples at this point of the year. Also, I know that it is homecoming this week at Willowbrook so crazy outfits and events are common but the girls need to dress warm and should not be out late to the point of disrupting sleep cycles. Further, as we push towards the final 33 days till conference the girls need to be at morning dryland and all afternoon practices in order to insure a strong taper. Missing time for illness or any other reason is only going to hinder the end result.
As usual, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and please keep up the tremendous support you have all shown to this point in the season.

Thanks again and GO ATWB!

 post date: 9/30/13 12:27 PM

Technical Suits

I know that it is early in the year still but many of you need to begin to think about technical suits for end of season taper meets. For those of you that may be new to the team or the idea of a taper, a technical suit is a suit that is worn only once or twice per year at the end of season taper meet. They are highly advanced textile suits designed to minimize drag and water absorbtion, while limiting drag and allowing a swimmer to be 3-5% more effecient in the water. They are a great tool that help optomize time drops at the end of the season.

Attached is a document through The Swimmer's Edge in Woodridge that provides pricing for taper/technical suits. We are eligible for any of the highlighted prices as a team so I would suggest starting there. Also, any member of the sectional team will receive 15% extra off of their suit per swim at the sectional meet. If you are interested in any of these suits I would suggest heading to Swimmer's Edge at 7532 Janes Ave. Woodridge, IL. 60517 to get sized and/or check out the different options. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get contact me at any time.


Coach Anderson

 post date: 9/24/13 9:11 AM

9/23 News

I apologize for the late email this week but over at AT it has been homecoming week and everything has felt slightly disjointed. That said, we are concluding a long week full of practice and there are a few things that I wish to communicate before we get into a busy next 10 days.

First, let me plead again to keep your daughters in good health. Currently we are 37 days into the season and cannot afford a team epidemic like we saw last year or for one individual to miss 4 or 5 days due to illness. Please encourage them to drop all junk food/fast food, soda, or anything unhealthy in favor of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, complex carbs, and lots of vitamin C. Further, if your daughter does catch something that is more than the common cold, please hold them out of practice so that they can get better as soon as possible without possibly spreading whatever ails them.

Regarding injury, if your daughter has issues that are more than regular soreness please do not hesitate to contact me. Their bodies should be in pain and they should be moving like someone 50 years their senior from time to time but if there are lingering issues they need to be addressed. The girls should be icing and possibly taking anti-inflammatory meds after practice if needed and should use heat later on in the night. There is no doubt that all of the girls on this team are tough as nails but injury prevention is paramount and the right steps need to be taken.
As for the next few days there is a great deal on our schedule. Tomorrow morning the Scimeca family has been gracious enough to invite the girls to a pancake breakfast following the 8-10 dryland practice. This has been a great event in the past and we thank them dearly for it. As for next week, we have three meets that different members of our team will be participating in. On Tuesday we will be swimming the Proviso West/East Coop at Proviso West High School at 5:00. This is the first time we have swam at this meet so I do not have many details aside from the fact that it should be a relatively quick meet. What also makes this meet unique is that we are not bringing our whole team. We are holding 9 members of the varsity team out in order to allow more swims for other members of the team. Those not swimming in the meet will have a practice as usual and will need to provide their own transportation to Centennial. Those swimming in the meet will take a bus from AT to WB to Proviso West and then back in that order. It should be a fun meet and a chance for some great swims.
On Thursday we will be traveling to IHSA powerhouse Naperville North for a Tri meet between them, West Aurora, and ourselves. Since this is a tri meet there will not be as many swims to go around but it is a great pool with tremendous competition. This is a meet that allows us to prove ourselves against a perpetual top 10 team while forcing us to swim fast tired. The meet will be at 5:00 and will likely run a bit longer than usual due to somewhat lengthy diving. The bus will travel from AT to WB to NN and back for this trip also.
Our final meet of the week will be the York Invitational on Saturday at York High School at noon. This has always been a fun meet for us with so many of the girls having ties to and relationships with many of the York swimmers. This meet will be varsity only and will provide us a chance to go up against some great competition. Aside from a team desire to beat York we are also going to be going against top 5 power St. Ignatious and a perpetually strong Deerfield team. We have done a team breakfast prior to this meet in the past and will likely do this again. Information regarding a breakfast will come out later in the week.
Lastly, I wanted to discuss the Swim-a-thon that was announced yesterday. the forms that are attached are the same as what went home yesterday but I just wanted to clarify why we do this and where the money goes. The money from the Swim-a-thon is used to purchase anything we may need as a team throughout the season. This could be Gatorade prime and recover for practices and meets, extra caps, pool buoys, team warmups, technical suit subsidies, conference attire, sectional attire, team breakfasts, kickboards, and anything else that may pop up. I understand that a swim-a-thon is a difficult task in some regards but it due to the different rules at the two schools selling any product or good is not an option. I implore you to encourage your daughter to solicit donations or pledges from friends, family, and anyone else. These donations are a major part of what allow us to stay competitive in such a cut throat state.
Thank you again for all that you do and for being such a supportive group. Also, if you are interested in a neon t-shirt you can sign up here and then talk with Lisa Morrone at any meets later this week. Thanks!

Coach Anderson

 post date: 9/23/13 9:09 AM

Weekly Upddate
Hello again,
I will try to keep this email shorter than last week's email but no promises as I tend to get long winded when talking about all of the great things we have going on as a team. To begin I want to go over a few things from last week. First, I want to congratulate the JV level for tying Vernon Hills and beating Wheeling last Friday for the first time in program history. The girls really did a great job of stepping up swimming well, many for the first time. On top of that, Hannah Hippensteel was awarded the "Golden Goggles" by our captains for her achievement in the 500 as well as her other events. On the Varsity level we had a number of great swims including in season bests from numerous members but sadly fell to Vernon Hills for the first time in 4 years. It is easy to say that it was because of diving points but in the end that is really not an excuse that I am going to use and we need to compete better in the pool, on the deck, and as a coaching staff. That said, we learned a lot from the meet and hopefully can remedy some of the problems that we saw.
Second, on Saturday at the Lockport Relays the team had some phenomenal swims (and dives). The medley relay went an in season best of 1:52.48 and took second while we won the V 200 Free Relay(new meet record), the V 500 Crescendo, and the V 400 Free Relay. Plus, we saw Gabby Morrone and Julia Rowley step up and dive for us with zero practice. Also, we had great contributions from first time invitational swimmers Dina, Gjonaj, and Madden. It was a long and hot day but we came away with a lot to look at in order to improve and keep getting faster. If you or your daughter would like to look at any videos from the two days they can go to my youtube channel here or search ATWB 2013 and the event on youtube.
Lastly in regards to last week we also elected the captains for the 2013 season. I asked any interested individual to write a letter explaining why they believed they were a good choice for captain. Once the letters were submitted, that would be a portion of the criteria that went into the voting when they were presented to the team. However, after reading all of the letters the choice was impossible and Seniors Molly Kuenstler, Stefani Scimeca, Ellie Zillius, Julia Rowley, Allison Aguilar, Anna Kwak, and Megan Lobner were given captain status. This is a designation that recognizes the effort and leadership these girls have shown over the years and I could not be prouder. That said, it is an honor to be a captain and any continued leadership is necessary in order to retain this honor. Actions detrimental to the team in any way could result in loss of privileges.
On to this week...
As hard as it is to believe we are already in the middle of September and the season seems to be rushing by. We have roughly a month under our belts and it is time for the girls to take their training to the next level. There is no doubt that they are all in great shape to this point but as a staff we are going to start pushing even harder in order to make up for how little time we actually get to spend in the water. As we saw over the weekend we have some definite speed but have a number of areas to clean up in order to reach our goals on the team level. Due to this I implore you to please push your daughter to attend morning practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The amount of time we have in the pool is roughly 5-10 hours less than a number of the other teams we compete against. Dryland is a place where we can make up some of those losses and improve our overall athleticism. Further, there is no doubt that your daughter is likely sore, cranky, tired, exhausted, and a number of other terms that basically mean unhappy. Please encourage them to get to sleep early, eat right, ice, stretch, and anything else to stay healthy. We cannot afford time out of the water for illness or other reasons in the future. I know they are likely a handfull at the moment but it all should pay off as the season progresses.
As for meets this week, we only have the Lyons Township Relays this weekend at the LTHS South Campus 4900 Willow Springs Rd. The meet begins at 9:00 and all swimmers will be leaving from WB at 7:30 on Saturday morning as per team vote. This meet is a lot of fun and will be significantly faster than last week at Lockport due to no diving break. It will also be a faster meet overall with top ten teams Rosary, Loyola, Naperville Central, and Fremd, along with GBN, Benet, and others. This meet should give us a chance to measure ourselves against some top flight talent and get a good look at some state powers.
After Saturday we are off until the 24th when we are scheduled to have a meet against the Proviso Coop. This meet has not happened in the past so I will be sure to keep you all abreast of any changes that may come down the line.

As always please contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have about anything in this email or otherwise. Also you can look to for info on the team and pictures from past meets.

Thank you and have a great week,

Coach Anderson

 post date: 9/11/13 9:18 AM

Weekly Upddate
Dear ATWB Parents and Guardians,
The following is a wrap up of of the past week along with information regarding the start of meet season. If you feel as though I miss anything or believe that something else needs to be mentioned please do not hesitate to get in contact with me and I can send it out.
First, let me say that despite the challenging weather the team BBQ on Saturday was a great deal of fun. To all of you that participated, contributed, cooked, cleaned, served, or worked out, or just got wet, we truly owe you a debt of gratitude. The rain and thunder may have kept us out of the lake but the girls still worked hard and hopefully enjoyed the run through the zoo. We have now had temps in the 90's and and thunderstorm so hopefully next year we have 82 and sunny to look forward to. In all seriousness it was amazing to watch all of you pull together and help the event come to fruition. It is clear where our girls get their ability to work together and help out. I have attached a few pictures that people sent me to this email but if you have others that you would like me to add to the website at please just forward them along.
Second, the girls are at a time where they are starting to get into great shape but are also starting to ache quite a bit. If your daughter is sore, has pain, or is experiencing anything outside the realm of normal muscular discomfort please let me know. Please advocate for your daughter to ice after practice, take ibuprofen or another anti-inflamitory, stretch, and/or use heat if they are having issues. They may also utilize the trainers that we have in both buildings before and after school. It is important to stay in front of these issues so that they do not become worse. If you would rather discuss them with me because you believe your daughter may be too stubborn to bring it up please let me know as soon as you can.
Third, due to open house the girls do have an early dismissal tomorrow at 1:40. However, because of our pool situation we are still having practice from 4-6:15. There will be a bus leaving WB around 3:20 that will go to AT, the pool and then back. The reason for keeping our usual time is because we have to cut to 4 lanes when we change times and that was simply not an option on the day prior to a meet. Hopefully you all understand.
Fourth, and by far the most exciting is the start of meet season. This Friday at 5:30 is our first meet of the year against Vernon Hills High School and Wheeling High School. VHHS is located at 145 Lakeview Pkwy, Vernon Hills, IL 60061 which is tucked in an industrial park off of Milwaukee avenue in Vernon Hills. This meet is unique in that it is a tri meet and each team is only allowed two entries per event. Thus some of the girls may not be in as many events as they will be later on when we are in our usual dual meet format. However, every athlete will participate and is expected to be engaged in the meet in order to help the team win. Also, the level that an athlete swims on Friday is not necessarially the level that they will compete at all year. This is the first meet and there is plenty of time for things to move and shift throughout the season.

Further, the meet will likely run until 7:30 or 8 which means the girls will likely not be at each school until 8:45 and 9 respectively. I do apologize for the late night but this meet is a somewhat long drive but worth the hassle. With that in mind, all athletes are required to take the bus home after all competitions and contests. Unless there is a family emergency or another planned activity that the athlete is participating in they must take the bus. Just to get home faster is not a reason that qualifies. If your daughter does have a prior commitment that is a non emergency I need a note prior to the day of the meet because I need to send a copy of it to both athletic directors. If I do not receive a note then your daughter will have to ride the bus. Also, if this policy is abused it will no longer be allowed.

As for Saturday our meet is at 10:00 at Lockport High School's East Campus at 1333 E Seventh St. in Lockport. All girls that are competing in this meet will be notified this afternoon at practice. If your daughter is not competing in this meet then they have the weekend off but are encouraged to run/workout in some capacity. Due to the late nature of Friday night and a number of other issues we will only have one pickup Saturday morning and that will be 7:45 at WB. Hopefully this should streamline things slightly and will make it an easier morning.

I cannot wait for some competition against people not wearing ATWB caps to begin on Friday and I am sure you all feel the same way. I look forward to seeing the best fans in the state go nuts as we come out ready to make a statement against some quality opponents on Friday and Saturday. Again, if there are any questions or concerns please let me know. Have a great week and GO AT-WB!

Coach Anderson

 post date: 9/4/13 9:00 AM


This is a great piece about team building and what it takes to become great. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

 post date: 8/28/13 2:00 PM

BBQ Google Doc

The Google Doc for the BBQ has been emailed to all parents in the list to this point. If you have not received an email please let me know as soon as possible. Also, if there are any items that are not on the list please feel free to add them.


Thank you in advance,

 post date: 8/20/13 11:03 AM

Girls 2013 Season Calendar

Attached is the calendar for the Girls 2013 swim season. If you have any questions please contact coach Anderson at either or (847) 312-1224

 post date: 5/24/13 1:21 PM

Congraulations State Swimmers

Congratulations to all of the ATWB male swimmers on an amazing state meet. Special Congratulations go out to Automatic All-America Nick Zito for his 2nd and 4th place finishes over the weekend!

Confrence Roundup

Congratulations to all levels of the ATWB swim team on a great Conference Meet. Special recognition goes out to All-Conference selections Max Railing, Nick Zito, Jason Sechan, R.L. Aldridge, and Kamil Strycharz. Special recognition also goes out to Nick Zito for breaking the Conference Meet record in the 100 breaststroke.

Our next meet is The sectional meet on Saturday, 2/16 at Lyons Township High School.

Conference Week Information

Conference Week:  A lot of things going on this week.  Just wanted to give everyone a few reminders.


·         Taper Group:  For those who are tapering for Conference please keep the following tips in mind.  Get plenty of rest, try to sleep at least eight hours a night, eat healthy, and keep physical activity outside of swim practice to a minimum.

·          Proviso West Meet:  The taper group will be attending the make-up meet against Proviso West on Tuesday 1/28.  The meet will start at 5:00.  Coach Anderson will be driving the mini-bus so AT kids need to be ready to leave by 3:15 and WB kids need to be ready to leave by 3:30.  AT kids will need to meet Coach Anderson at door 17 which is in the basement next to the auto shop.  WB kids meet Coach A at the normal pick-up spot.

·         Pasta Party:  The annual conference pasta party will be Thursday night at 6:00.  The party will take place in Forum Room B at Addison Trail High School.  Attendees will park in the North Lot (outside of field house) and enter through door 5.  There will be signs to direct you to Forum Room B (First hallway on the right).

·         Conference Meet:  The Gold division Conference meet takes place at 1:00 this Saturday at Hinsdale South High School.  All levels will be swimming at this meet.  The meet usually lasts around 3 hours.  Bus pick-up:  AT-10:45.  WB-11:00.

·         Conference T-shirt:  All swimmers will receive a Conference t-shirt.  We will collect a fee of $5 per swimmer which is half the cost of the shirt and I’ll make up the difference.

·         Sectional Team:  For the majority of the sectional team this will be your last week of intense practice.  I need 100% effort every day at both dryland and pool practices.  You will swim the conference meet tired but you’ll still be expected to compete and swim fast.  Be confident.

Eat Like an Olympian

Attention all ATWB male swimmers. Please read the attached article for a few ideas regarding what you should be putting into your body throughout the swim season. Click on the "all news" tab in order to download the attachment.

Boys open season with meet at Highland Park and RMHS Invite

The ATWB boys opened up their season Friday night in a V/JV meet against Highland Park. Both levels swam well and copmeted tough against a deep Highland...   more

Girls State

Kelly McNamara placed 6th in State in the 100 Yard Butterfly,  200 Free Relay placed 12th in State.

Molly Kuenstler placed 43rd in 50 Free and...   more

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